How to Care For Your Cat’s Teeth

A pet is just like your child and you have to take due care of it all the time. Cats are one of the friendliest, most charming and entertaining pets most of us keep at home. You have to take certain measures to keep your cat clean and hygienic. Cats keep roaming within your entire house, even in the kitchen and your bed, and if you don’t keep them clean, you might suffer being caught by several diseases. Apart from vaccination, regular cleaning and brushing, you also need to pay attention to clean your cat’s teeth. Simple practices can allow you to take good care of your cat’s teeth by yourself and ensure they are healthy. Many cats tend to face dental problems when they grow, including broken teeth, inflamed gums and cavities, and it is better to take of their teeth right from the beginning to avoid these problems.


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    Taking your cat to a vet for an annual checkup is thing you must do. The vet can checkout thoroughly for any dental problems being faced by your cat and those which you couldn’t detect by yourself. You can also arrange for bi-annual check up as well if you care more for your cat.

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    Apart from the examining of the vet, you should regularly keep checking your cat’s teeth to sort out any possible problem. You can easily pull your cat’s lip back and examine its teeth. Any yellow or brown accumulation, any damaged teeth or irritating gums can easily be detected and then treated appropriately.

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    You can find a tooth brush and toothpaste for your cat at any pet store. Brush your cat’s teeth regularly right from its tender age, so that it develops a habit of this process.

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    Accumulation of tartar in your cat’s teeth can cause cavities and other serious problems. Feed your cat with hard and canned food for her dental care. Toys, like a sisal rope ball, assist in removing plaque and tartar from cat’s teeth.

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    You can also try out to rinse your cat’s mouth regularly, if it allows you to do so! Cats do not like water and it might be a tricky job for you to do.

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    In case you notice any sort of damage or bleeding from your cat’s teeth, you need to immediately contact a vet for appropriate treatment.

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