How to Stimulate a Cat in Heat

Most of the people expect their pet cats to be calm in nature as they do not have to struggle for food or fight with other cats. This is however not the case and having that mindset can only make things worse for you and your cat. Remember that your cat might not have to struggle for food or fight with other cats but this also leaves a huge room for them to utilize their energy elsewhere. A cat can be distressed because of not having the opportunity to consume this energy which in turn results in an aggressive attitude. Another important thing is to handle the cat when it is in heat. Handling a cat in heat can be a little difficult as most of the times, they turn aggressive and significant behavioural changes occur.


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    Look for the signs

    The first  and the foremost thing is to look for the signs that your cat is showing. When in heat, some cats turn aggressive in nature. Most importantly, during this phase, cats tend to run wildly from one end of the house to another. Therefore, if your cat is showing any of these signs, you must start preparing yourself and think of ways to cool it down.

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    Place toys in the house

    In such conditions, cats often tend to scratch the floor carpet, sofas or other materials and also start chewing on the plants. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you should place toys in your house, so your cat could play with them and exert its energy there. This will not only keep your cat diverted but you will also be able to protect your precious things from getting destroyed.

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    Get a scratching post for your cat

    Scratching posts are easily available at the stores. You should buy them for your cat as this will keep it distracted; plus they find it more amusing. Remember that your cat might be hesitant at the start; thus you must encourage her for using the scratching post.

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    Place grass in the pot

    You should also consider placing grass in the pot; cats simply love playing that. Do not place ordinary grass in the pot, rather purchase cat grass from your nearest nursery or any online store.

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