How to Raise a Happy Healthy Cat

If you love cats, you can always go to your local pet store and buy one. Raising a cat is not a difficult task but you will still need to understand how to feed and care for your feline pet. Remember, cats love to roam outdoors and interact with other creatures. However, you should refrain from giving them total freedom or they might hurt themselves. If you want to raise a happy healthy cat then follow some basic techniques for help.


  • 1

    Get a cat

    You need to get a cat from your local pet store or local humane society. You should buy a young cat so you can raise it the way that you want. You can easily teach a young cat and the bond between the both of you will be strengthened.

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    Spend time with your cat

    When your cat is playing outdoors, you can always spend time with it. Doing this will create a unique link between you and your cat. Your pet will go outdoors with you and stay in a place they are familiar with. It is important to not let your cat disappear and travel around the area as it can get hurt.

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    Vaccinate your cat

    You should vaccinate your cat on a regular basis and have its health checked after a set period of time. You also need to ward off your misconception that your cat won’t get fleas if they stay indoors. Make sure to put a collar on your cat and use the proper flea-drops to ensure it is free from any bugs.

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    Feed your cat indoors

    You should feed your cat inside the house as this gives your pet the opportunity to come inside and rest. Remember, if you set the food outside then you will attract many unwanted animals.

  • 5

    Bring your cat in at night

    It is recommended that you call your cat in at night as this will keep your pet safe from wild animals or human that might try to harm it. Make a nice cozy area for your cat inside so that it can sleep and relax.

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