How to Get Your Cat to Use the Litter Box

Having a cat as a pet can be a wonderful experience as these animals bring a ton of happiness and joy into our lives. However, sometimes cats can make a mess especially if he or she is not using the litter box. This can be quite irritating especially if your cat stays indoors all day and never ventures outside. There are many different ways to get your cat to start using the litter box in the house and with patience you will be making things easier for your cat.


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    Try different size litter boxes:

    Try different size litter boxes to make it easy for your cat. If your cat is small then make sure the litter box is not too high and if your cat is large then make sure the litter box is big enough to accommodate him or her.

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    Try different styles of litter boxes:

    There are many different styles of litter boxes available in the market. Some are covered while others are not. If your cat does not use a particular style of litter box, you might want to try a different style.

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    Change litter box location:

    Move your litter box around to different places in your home. Your cat might not like the current location as it is not private enough or there might be too much noise for the cat to handle. Try moving the litter box to a quiet corner or in a different room. Hopefully this will get your cat to start using the litter box.

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    Place cat on top of litter box:

    Place your cat on top of the litter box so that he or she realises that there is a safe comfortable place for them to use. If you think your cat is about to go to the bathroom then quickly place your cat on the litter box to help encourage him or her to use the litter box.

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    Use different types of litter:

    There are numerous different types of litter that you can use in the litter box for your cat. Most are easily available from a decent pet store. Try different varieties of litter that your cat might prefer.

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    Keep litter box clean:

    Try to keep your cat’s litter box clean by taking out the waste on a daily basis. If you are unable to clean the cat box daily then try to do it every other day. Your cat will appreciate a clean litter box and this will definitely encourage him or her to use it regularly.

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