How to Cat Proof Your Home

Whenever you bring home a cat, you add another member to the family. These adorable pets are no doubt cute but their claws can bring havoc to the house. Not only this, they might cause harm to themselves. However, there is no need to worry as you can always cat proof your home by following some simple guidelines.

The main things is to sort out all hazards which can endanger your cat’s health and try to remove them.

Things Required:

– Tape
– Foil
– Cayenne pepper or bitter apple powder


  • 1

    Tie the curtains

    Cats love to climb curtains and their weight can cause the curtain rods to fall. In order to prevent this, tie back all curtains.

  • 2

    Stop cats from jumping over the kitchen counters

    Take measures to stop your cat from jumping over the kitchen counters. This is because there are several dangerous things present in the kitchen such as knives and stoves which might hurt it. For this purpose you can cover the kitchen counters with tape or foil.

  • 3

    Get non-poisonous plants

    Buy only those plants which are non poisonous for cats. Some of the harmful plants for cats are English ivy, ferns and amaryllis. In order to stop your cat from chewing on these plants, you can always sprinkle cayenne pepper or bitter apple powder on leaves.

  • 4

    Remove breakable items

    Remove all items which can break easily. Cats love to wander and jump around the houses and would play with anything, they take a liking to. If there are fragile decoration pieces at your house, secure them properly. Provide a safe zone for your cat. By this, you can place your valuable items around the house without having a fear of them getting broken and hurting your cat.

  • 5

    Tie off cords of blinds

    Tie off the cords of your blinds and hang them high for cat proofing. Remember that cats love playing with strings, and can render the blinds non functional.

  • 6

    Secure window and door screens

    It is strongly recommended to secure window and door screens to prevent the cat from escaping out.

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