How to Keep Cats Away from Houseplants

Having a cat can bring hours of fun and happiness to your home. However, keeping a cat is a responsibility as you have to make sure that they are healthy. Cats love to explore and get in to things around the home as they can often make quite a mess. This is especially the case with houseplants, as cats tend to knock them over and dig in the soil of the planter. If you want to keep your cat away from houseplants there are a few simple things that you can do.


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    Move houseplants:

    The easiest thing to do to keep your cat away from your houseplants is to basically move them to another part of the house or apartment. Keep your houseplants in a different room that you can lock and keep your cat out of. Although dragging and moving your houseplants might seem a bit extreme but it is the easiest method to keep your cat away.

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    Bigger planters:

    Place your houseplants in bigger planters that make it difficult for your cat to climb and chew on the plant. This will also prevent the houseplants from tipping over and making a mess. Buying a whole bunch of planters can be expensive so only buy a few for the houseplants that your cat constantly destroys.

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    Mesh covers:

    Put soft mesh covers on the base of your houseplants to prevent your cat from digging in the soil and climbing on the planter. You can buy soft mesh from a hardware store and put them on the houseplants yourself. Make the mesh cover slightly bigger than your cat’s height. This is a safe and effective method of keeping your cat way from houseplants.

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    Pepper spray:

    You can easily make your own organic spray with crushed cayenne pepper and water. Spray this mixture all over your houseplants to keep your cat away. Remember to also spray the base of the houseplant to stop your cat from digging. This is an extremely effective method which is safe and organic for both your cat and your houseplants. Be sure not to spray your cat with this mixture as it cause discomfort to their eyes.

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    Cat pole:

    Build or buy a simple cat pole which your cat can climb and scratch on during the day. This item is easily available at pet stores. If you are up to it, you can easily build your own with some wood and old carpet. Place the cat pole near your houseplants so that you cat gets distracted and avoids making a mess.

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