How to Bond with a Cat

It is a magical experience to bond with your kitten or cat. For this purpose, you need to take proper care of your cat, take it to the vet, provide a warm bed, fresh water, good food, and basically love the kitty a lot. You should spend time with it, learn its likes or dislikes, teach it to jump high or low, and cuddle it. There are some cats that are more independent than others; however, they all require love, affection and proper care. There are lots of things you can do with your cat in order to form a loving bond and a strong relationship.

Things Required:

– Cat food
– Brush


  • 1

    Pet your cat often

    You should pet your cat regularly - do not ignore it or leave it unattended for days. By doing this, you will please it and make it purr. You should continue doing this until it falls asleep.

  • 2

    Bond slowly

    Remember than just like a new person won’t become your friend instantly, cats will also take time to befriend you. You need to express your love for your cat by buying it fun toys and treats. In addition to this, you should spend time with it in order to bond.

  • 3

    Get down to your cat’s level

    You need to bend or sit, in order to come down to your cat’s level. By doing this, you will be less threatening to it. You need to allow your cat to approach you.

  • 4

    Love your cat

    You need to love your cat and you can express this by scratching it behind the ears and paying it a lot of attention. You should be gentle or you might provoke your cat to bite you or become angry. In addition to this, you should refrain from patting a cat just like you pat a dog. You need to stroke it.

  • 5


    You need to be punctual in providing food to your cat. Give your cat food from your local pet store or from the local departmental store. Furthermore you need to feed it at the same time everyday - this will develop a relationship of trust and consistency, and strengthen the bond.

  • 6

    Brush the cat

    You need to brush your cat on a daily basis. By doing this you will increase your bonding with it, as cats loved to be groomed. However, you need to stop brushing when you see that it is annoyed. Remember that some cats do not like to be brushed, so you need to work it out slowly, and have patience.

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