How to Find a Lost Cat in the House

Most people like having pets in their house, as they really divert your attention from different worries and take you into a new world. You stop thinking about the routine work and focus on spending time with your pet. The most common pets we keep are either dogs or cats. The latter animal is easier to handle, so it is found in almost every single house in the neighbourhood.

Cats are always looking to experiment on different things whether inside or outside the premises of your house. They wander off, as if they are always in search of something. Sometimes they get scared of any particular thing and look to hide inside the house. In that case, they don’t make any noise and this can be stressful for the owner.

Since the size of a cat is not much, it can hide almost anywhere in your house. This amazing animal has got flexible bones, which allows it to adjust into some unimaginable positions. Imagine you have kept a pet cat for your child, who loves playing with animals. In that case, if the cat gets lost in your house, your child will make life a living hell for you. So, you better look for a few techniques of finding your fur ball.


  • 1

    Do not panic

    Staying relaxed in such situations is the most important thing. If you panic, you will find it difficult to locate the cat. So, make sure that your nerves are under control and then start looking into the house.

  • 2

    Make sure that the cat is in the house

    Before you start searching the cat, make sure that the cat is actually inside the house. You can look for a few clues, which will help you making this decision. For example, if the house is locked and there is no way out for your pet, then it is definitely hiding somewhere inside.

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    Trace the steps

    There might be a few traces left by your cat, so try following them to find out where it is hiding.

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    Call your cat

    Try calling your cat with the name you have given to it, and this could be the easiest solution of all. However, it will not come out, if something scared it away.

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    Get help

    If you don’t see any solution to finding your cat, get help from the local animal control authorities. The experts are certainly aware of how to find a lost pet.

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