How to Treat a Cat with Diarrhea

Having a cat that is suffering from diarrhea can be very distressing for both the animal and yourself. Many people do not usually know how to treat their cat when it has diarrhea. A cat that has diarrhea becomes very tired and slow. Just like humans, cats can suffer from diarrhea due to many different factors. Often, a change of environment or diet can cause diarrhea in cats. If your cat is suffering from diarrhea there are a few easy things that you can do to treat it effectively.


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    Reduce food intake:

    Once you realise that your cat has diarrhea, it is a good idea to immediately reduce the food intake for 24 hours. This will help the cat to normalise their digestive system without having to deal with constant food intake. Also, it could be the food that you are giving your cat which is causing or contributing to the diarrhea.

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    Give plenty of water:

    Make sure to give your cat plenty of fresh water to prevent dehydration. Cats, just like humans can become seriously dehydrated while suffering from diarrhea. Always place a large amount of water in different areas around the house that your cat likes to sit.

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    Re-hydration solution:

    Buy a mild re-hydration solution which is designed for children or a small amount of a sports drink to help your cat regain some electrolytes. This will give your cat some much needed hydration and energy.

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    Change food:

    After reducing the regular intake of food to your cat, give mild foods which are easy on your cat’s digestive system. You can give things like boiled chicken or rice to help your cat. Remember to not give food items that your cat might have trouble digesting and can cause even more diarrhea.

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    Eliminate dairy products:

    Avoid giving your cat dairy products to help reduce the diarrhea. Although your cat may seem to want milk, try not to give any dairy products for a few days. Most cats usually have trouble digesting dairy items, so try to avoid it.

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    Give affection:

    Remember when your cat is suffering from diarrhea you should show affection and pet your cat repeatedly so that he or she feel reassured and comforted. Soon your cat will be feeling better and jumping around healthy and active.

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    Visit Veterinarian:

    If after a day or two your cat still has diarrhea, make an appointment and visit your veterinarian. Be sure to tell the doctor all the food items that your cat consumes during the day to help him diagnose whatever it is that is troubling your cat.

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