How to Tell If You Have Cat Allergies

It is said that almost one in three people that has a cat as a pet suffer from allergies. Generally, they do not know that their worsening health condition is due to their cat. Many doctors claim that the cats shed dander which is one of the prime reasons for allergies. The cat’s shedding skin or the proteins in its saliva are dangerous for your health as they can cause skin irritation, congestion or sneezing. If you feel that you have any of these symptoms while you are around your beloved feline pet, make sure to check out these guidelines to help you ascertain if you have cat allergies.


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    First, you should understand the different symptoms of a cat allergy. The most common include swelling of the eyes or itching along with congestion or sneezing. These can help you determine whether you are allergic to cats or not. If you are allergic, these symptoms will appear in the initial phase.

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    Skin irritation

    You need to observe whether your skin is alright while you are with your pet cat. If you start to scratch your skin or observe any redness, you may be allergic to your cat. It is simple to find out if your cat is causing your skin irritation by simply staying away from your pet for a few days and if your skin clears then it is obvious.

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    Skin allergy test

    If you are unsure whether you have an allergy or not despite the symptoms, you need to get a skin allergy test. The allergist will apply animal proteins to a part of your skin and if itching starts, you are allergic to cats.

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    Blood test

    A blood test will also determine whether you are allergic or not. The test will screen for antibodies in your blood that are the main cause of allergies on your skin. This test may be used when you cannot have a skin allergy test. Some people cannot have an allergy test as their skin can suffer a serious reaction so they undergo a blood test instead.

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