How to Train a Cat Tricks

Teaching your cats different tricks can prove to be a difficult task for most pet owners. If you are experiencing similar problems, you will be glad to know that you have come to the right place. Cats are popular for their independence and this can make the cat owners think that it is not possible to train them but this is not true.

Although training cats is complicated when compared to training a dog, by following some basic instructions and tips and applying different techniques you can teach your cat a lot of different tricks.

It is recommended to take your cat’s unique abilities and limitation into account when performing this task.


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    Always start off when the cat is young. Older cats find it very difficult to follow instructions. You must start to train them while they are only 6 months old. Spend as much time as possible with your cat for best results, and go slowly.

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    Be confident and patient. If you give a command or order to your cat, expect her to perform it. It is recommended to give the cat a gentle assist if you want her to perform a physical trick such as sitting, dancing or shaking. Most cats will take months to master physical movies and therefore you must be patient to reap the rewards. Rough handling can discourage and cat from performing various tricks on your instructions. Cats do not tolerate rough touch, and react.

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    Cats love food and you should consider using food as the primary reward for performing a trick. Simple place the food in front of the cat if it performs the trick successfully.

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    Remember that short training sessions can keep your cat engaged. Cats’ attention span is not as long as dogs and hence it is crucial to limit the training sessions to less than ten minutes. Observe your cat regularly to make sure she is not annoyed. If she shows any displeasure, end the training session instantly.

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    Don't teach the cat when you are in a bad mood. Cat is only an animal, and doesn't have the ability to perceive and understand things as the humans, or even some of the more intelligent pets do. If you are not calm, you may weigh down heavily on the cat.

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