How to Understand Your Cat\’s Behavior

Cats are extremely moody animals and can be difficult pets to manage; however, once you understand your cat’s behavior, the two of you can get along nicely.


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    Despite common belief, you need to understand that cats can be loving and attached to you just like any other pet. Remember a cat's behaviour is the consequence of how it is treated. If it is ignored by you rest assured it will ignore you back.

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    For getting your attention, cats often sit close, against your legs or will brush up against you.

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    It is very important that you take time out for your cat every day and give it your full attention. Cats are independent creatures by nature, but respond positively to affection and pampering.

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    People who have cats as pets treat them as members of the family, which brings these animals closer to their owners.

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    Just like dogs, some cats greet their owners at the door and come when they are called. A content cat rubs against people as a sign of affection and may make purring noises as well.

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    If you notice that your cat's behaviour is markedly less friendly or if it is acting up and throwing tantrums, you may need to give it more time. Cats love to be treated but sometimes they want to be left alone as well.

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    Instead of losing your temper you need to understand the situation when your cat urinates on your bed or your favourite sitting spot after you have been away for many days. Cats do this because of separation anxiety.

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    Making a mess of your apartment or your room while you are outside is usually your cat’s way of handling boredom. Felines have the tendency of scratching furniture, try and arrange for a scratching post.

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    Cats are very territorial and will not take lightly to a new pet in the house. Make sure you gradually introduce a new cat to the older ones and keep an eye out in case a cat fight breaks up.

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    Any change in its daily routine can cause it to become stressed. This stress can be expressed by it in different ways, like it can forget its toilet habits and could be seen over-grooming.

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    Cats form close bonds with each other and if one dies or goes missing the remaining cat will be depressed for many days. In this condition you will probably observe a negative trend in the cat's eating habits etc.

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