How to Pick the Right Kitten

Adopting a kitten is the perfect solution for household ladies and for people who want a pet that can hardly trouble them. Kittens having a bushy tail, sharp claws and a long moustache will delight you every day.

But choosing a kitten is not an easy task because they are all equally charming. However, you only need to find one that will be your true friend and it is desirable that the new friend should not only be charming but also healthy.

Choosing a kitten is a crucial moment because you have to deal with the offspring in the future.


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    Before having a cat in the house, consider for what purpose you need it. Maybe you want breeding cats, or you just need a gentle and loyal friend. On the basis of these needs, you will further make a choice of the animal.

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    If you get a kitten in order to guard the house from rodents run through the shelters, outdoor cats have a great instinct and have strong immune systems.

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    Before buying a purebred animal assess your financial ability to support such a pet. These animals require considerable expenditure and demand quality food, medical care, vaccinations, medications, vitamins and so on. If that does not scare you, we can only understand the next question is the breed.

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    When choosing a kitten, think about the breed. It affects not only the appearance of a cat, but her character, behaviour, and possible illnesses. By purchasing a pet should be approached with great responsibility. Representatives of various species have certain character traits and behaviours. Think about this question before purchasing the animal.

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    If you want to have quiet, gentle and friendly animal in the house, stop your choice on the Scottish, Persian, Russian or British Blue breed. Siberian, Norwegian and Maine Coons lead an independent life and do not require a lot of attention from the hosts. Siamese, Burmese, Ragdoll, and Abyssinians are particularly affection for children. They are constantly together and take part in all the work and are playful. But these cats require a lot of attention.

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    Long-haired cats are suitable for people who spend a lot of time at home. These animals require careful maintenance and require constant combing. Only in this case, they will look decorative. In addition, with such long-haired cats are much harder to maintain the cleanliness of the house, especially during moulting.

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