How to Groom a Cat with Long Hair

Long-haired cat breeds such as Persian cats, may look incredibly attractive, but the beauty has an inevitable down-side – these are high-maintenance cats, and will require extra effort when it comes to grooming, in order to keep them looking fabulous. However, with the right tools and methods, grooming a cat with long hair can be an uncomplicated and trouble-free process.

Grooming processes such as trimming the claws, cleaning the eyes and ears, and essential dental care are similar for most cat breeds, but it is the fur-brushing where techniques tend to differ according to breeds, and how much fur a particular cat has. It goes without saying that the brushing process is lengthier and more elaborate for cats with longer hair.

Things Required:

– A wire slicker brush
– An undercoat brush
– A finer-toothed comb
– A flea comb
– A mat splitter or letter opener
– Detangling spray


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    Start by making sure you accustom your feline to the grooming process as a kitten – older cats are less likely to adapt easily to a strange and unfamiliar process, but as a kitten, your pet will have a chance to grow used to, and maybe even enjoy the grooming process. Brushing your cat can be a great way for the two of you to bond and spend some quality time.

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    Before you begin, seat your cat close to you, and start stroking her/him. This will relax the feline. Brush through the hair gently with your fingers to look for matted fur. If you come across any mats in the fur, do not go at them with a brush – instead, try to gently untangle these with your fingers, and if this doesn’t work, you can use a mat splitter and a detangling spray (make sure this is safe and animal-friendly) to get the job done.

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    Next, pick up the wire slicker brush and run it down your cat’s head and back, in the same motions you use while petting. Stop alternately, to take any loose fur out of the brush, and discard it. Once you’ve run through the top, brush down the length of both sides.

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    Once this is done, pick up the undercoat brush (which should have a combination of both wide and narrow teeth), and run this down the cat’s chin, throat, chest, and belly. You may hold the cat against your chest to access regions such as the inside of your cat’s leg. However felines object to the brushing of sensitive areas such as the rear thighs, and the region where the legs join the body, so be prepared for some resistance.

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    After you’ve finished with this, go over the entire coat again with a finer-toothed comb, and then with a flea comb. Lastly, brush the tail, one small section at a time. You cat is now groomed, and tangle-free.

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