How to Treat a Cat Bite Wound

Cats make great pets. They are cute, soft and intelligent. They are one of those pets we allow into our laps and beds. They have sharp claws and teeth. Cats are quite friendly animals and safe to be around unless enraged. However, they can prove to be dangerous at times. They can occasionally bite with their sharp and thin teeth during a friendly play session or when they anticipate you as a danger. Children are especially at risk of such wounds because of their likeness of cats and the playfulness. This can cause you wounds on any part of the body, most probably on the hands. The wounds can range anywhere from mild to severe ones. Since it is a bite from an animal, you have to be extra careful about the risk of contamination. Luckily, treatment of cat wounds can be done easily at home, unless they are very severe.


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    The first step is to clean away any bleeding that has occurred due to the bite. Use clean cotton balls to stop the bleeding and clean the blood away. Any person treating the wound should wear clean protective gloves.

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    Once you have the bleeding in control, wash the place of the wound with water and anti bacterial soap. Use warm water to wash the area. Rinse away all the soap because it can get into the open wound and irritate the skin. Pat the skin dry with a clean towel.

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    Place an antibiotic ointment over the wound. The ointment will help heal it quickly and keep off any bacteria. Now do a clean and dry dressing of the area. Deeper wounds may require stitches. Wounds on the face should be taken to a doctor immediately because they can leave scars.

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    After the dressing, if you feel continued swelling and burning sensation, consult a doctor immediately because the wound can trigger a infection. If you are unsure of the whereabouts of the cat, there is a danger of rabies, just like with dogs, stray cats carry rabies germs which can be transmitted to the human body through the wound. In such a situation, it is advised to consult professional medical help immediately and not to waste time. However, the initial first aid suggestions above will contain the bleeding and the infection.

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