How to Feed a Cat with a Syringe

If you have a cat at home which due to an unknown reason has stopped eating and you want to feed the cat, using a syringe for this purpose is always beneficial. There may be multiple reasons why your cat has stopped eating and to confirm this, you should take cat to the veterinary doctor immediately. However, if you want to force feed your cat or want to take a try your own way before taking cat to the doctor, using a syringe for the feeding purposes always helps.


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    Consult a veterinary doctor

    If you believe that your cat is not eating to full appetite or is not eating at all, you should take the cat to the veterinarian, who is the only person to give you an expert opinion in this case. The veterinarian will check the cat for internal or external injuries to make sure the cat is physically sound and this has nothing to do with her not diet taking habit. Healthy cats eat three times a day and the first meal is early in the morning, so if your cat is not following this, then you must know there is something wrong with the cat.

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    Buy cat canned food

    After the analysis, the veterinarian will suggest you a cat canned food, you should not waste any time and buy it immediately. Remember that, you must follow the instructions of veterinarian and do not do what you think right as he is the expert and knows better.

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    Pour the food in a bowl

    After you have bought the food, you must unseal the canned food and pour it into a small bowl. Now you should add a little of cat milk to make the food thinner as only then it will be easier for you to plunge the food into the syringe.

  • 4

    Plunge food into syringe

    You must ensure that the food is not cold and if it is, put it in the microwave and make it equivalent to the room temperature. Now you should pull out the plunger of syringe and insert the food in there. After the syringe is filled, put the plunger back.

  • 5

    Insert syringe into cat’s mouth

    Now hold the cat firmly in your lap, with one hand on the cat’s chin. Now slowly insert the syringe into the back corner of your cat’s mouth and push the plunger. Allow your cat to swallow food.

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