How to Communicate With Your Cat

Cats are charming, sweet, and playful, but at the same time, very independent and freedom-loving animals. They want to be loved as they are very sensitive. Each cat is individual and has its own character whether it’s a homeless kitten or a fluffy purebred. Cats may show their affection in different ways.

Among other things, cats love to chat. They usually communicate by using non-verbal language. If you are observant, you may well be able to understand its posture and body language and there comes a time when you can actually understand the tone of their sounds, such as meowing and rumbling.

Cats have their own specific language. In their ability to express their feelings, cats are so expressive that it sometimes seems that they will start speaking like humans.

If the owner is able to understand the pet, it will greatly improve their relationships and eliminate any possible differences. There are many people who venture into more complicated territory and communicate with their pets on a telepathic level – however, communicating with your cat can be fairly simple too.


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    Most often, cats themselves invite us to conversation, games or ask for help. Domestic cats are quite adept at communicating with people and can produce up to 16 major voice signals including “Meow”. However, you have to understand these signals after giving special attention to the sound that is produced.

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    Listen to the “Meow" of your cat. A short "Meow" means welcome. A loudly purring cat either needs something from the owner (attention, food etc) or is just generally pleased and contented.

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    When pulling the leg forward, cats are asking you to pay attention to them. Do not ignore your pet in such moments.

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    If you want to play with your cat, observe the movement of the tail. A relaxed tail shows that it is excited and ready for the game. A slowly waving tail indicates irritation. It is advisable to play with your cat before going to bed so that it does not disturb you while you are asleep.

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    Cats can remember words perfectly. You just have to talk to them clearly and with minimal repetition, if you want to achieve a consistent response. If a smart cat has learned the command "walk" and willingly goes to the door after listening to the command, then do not repeat the word several times in succession.

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