How to Keep Cats Out of a Box Spring

When it comes to being good pets, cats aren’t at the top of the ladder; still, there are many who would bring radical changes in their lives just to adopt a cat. The problem with cats is that they love hiding in places where you least expect. They don’t exactly come running when called either, which puts them at a risk when they decide to hide in the box spring of your bed.


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    The first and the most important thing for you is to inspect the box spring for any holes or tears. If you locate a tear or a hole, chances are your cat has already gotten in.

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    The box spring now needs to be lifted and placed against the wall so that you can inspect it thoroughly. If the tear is in the middle then there is a possibility that it was made by your cat.

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    You have to repair the box spring by using a stapler on the lining to attach it back to the frame. It is best that you pull the lining as tight as you can so that it is attached to the frame properly. You can also pull both sides of the tear and staple them together. However, the second option is only possible when the tear is in the middle.

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    Since cats love hiding in small and dark places, you need to install a protective lining which will keep your cat away and out of the box. This is the only way to stop your cat, as cats are not good learners and don’t usually understand our commands. So instead of wasting your time and energy on trying to train your car, it is better that you take precautionary measures.

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    You should purchase a sheet with the same size as your mattress. You can also buy a thin pillow mattress cover which can serve as a protective lining. This will act as an extra layer of protection. Place the mattress of the sheet on the bottom of the box spring.

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    With the protective lining in place, you now have to put the box spring on the frame of the bed with the protected side down. This sheet or the mattress will not tear off by the claws of your cat. Nonetheless, you need to periodically inspect the box spring for any sort of tears.

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