How to Adopt a Cat at Petsmart

Choosing a pet can be a difficult and time-consuming process, particularly if you are looking to adopt from a shelter – in search for the type of cat you want, you will most likely end up browsing through countless animal shelters, before returning home tired and (usually) defeated.

However, the process need not be so draining. Enter Petsmart – a store that partners with local animal shelters, and displays profiles (complete with pictures and information) on all the pets available at every shelter. This allows you to simply browse for a new pet from the comfort of your home, and for a small fee, you can give a new home to an animal in need, and gain a valuable new addition to your family.


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    Start by visiting the Once the page opens up, click on “find adoptable pets”. This will take you to an “adoptable pets locator” form – proceed to fill this out.

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    While filling out the form, choose “find a cat” in the search type. Here you can specify the kind of cat you are looking to adopt – fill in specifics like your desired breed, sex, age, and size, as well as the amount of distance you will be willing to travel in order to pick up your new pet.

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    Then, enter your zip code into the form, and press enter. Once this is done, the website will display all the search results that match the criteria you specified earlier.

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    Now, you can browse through the available options, and their profiles, which will mention the cat’s details, including which shelter it currently resides in. Select the one you are interested in adopting.

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    Once you have selected the cat you want to adopt, contact its animal shelter (via phone or email), and let them know you are interested in adopting the cat.

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    After you have expressed your interest, you will be required to fill in an adoption application. This form requests information such as details about your home, and any other pets you might currently have.

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    With the form having been filled, proceed to submit it to the adoption agency. It is now time to wait – the agency will take a while to assess your potential as a pet owner, and also might send a representative to your house, in order to inspect whether it is suitable for a cat. Once the agency decides you are a good match for the cat, you will be contacted, and asked to come take your new kitty home.

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