How to Challenge an Insurance Claim

Being wrongfully denied a claim is frustrating where the only option left for the insured is to challenge the decision. Despite standing a good chance of success, fighting your insurance company will be demanding as it will take considerable time for the matter to fully resolve.


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    Examine for errors

    Check the report you have submitted to the insurance company for any errors. Although it can be due to your own negligence, make sure to rectify it before the process is carried out. If you have been handed a lower claim than you deserve, examine the necessary details and contact the customer service department for help.

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    File an appeal

    Appeal to the insurance company about the claim. The process will vary from claim to claim and the type of insurance under debate. In most cases, the report will have to be re-submitted where you will be providing additional reference. If you are claiming a health insurance, then contact your medical specialist and request him to help you out by reporting the facts concerning your prescription and other expenses again.

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    Contact other insurers

    Get an estimated value from other insurers and compare that with the one which has been offered to you by the insurance company. Appeal again if necessary in order to support your stance. You will need to be persuasive and persistent with your approach.

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    Get legal help

    Contact a legal insurance advisor and discuss with him the matter if your claim has been denied. The lawyer will help you with different perspectives on the current matter. That will in turn force the insurance company to take you seriously. However, that may also provoke them to take the necessary action and pursue the legal course as well, so be prepared.

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    In the worst case scenario, you will now be filing a law suit against the insurance company. Take the necessary measures by reading the terms and conditions of the contract, and enlist those which have been violated. Take added assistance from concerning parties, such as your doctor if you are suing for health claim. Request your lawyer to familiarize you with certain terms and language that will be used.

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