How to Make a Home Insurance Claim

It is difficult to regroup when your house has been damaged severely so that it hurts your feelings but you should never parry away from the circumstances and think smartly. The insurance is the first thing that should come to your mind when your house gets damaged. However, it is not easy to file an insurance claim without knowing the basic things that are required by insurance firm. It is more difficult for you if you have never filed any sort of insurance claim because you have no idea what to do. However, you have to find out what is actually covered by the insurance company and how much they repay you for the damages.


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    Go through the whole insurance contract and find what you can do to file a claim and what for? Don’t hesitate in consulting someone for a brotherly advice. You may seek guidance from the professional as well who will help you understand the terms of contract that maybe a bit too difficult to comprehend for a layman especially considering the legislative lingo that is only understood by the lawyers.

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    After you have found out what is covered in the policy and whether the particular damage is part of the recovery plan issued by the firm, you have to find the value or the amount of repairs the firm can offer you. The reimbursement isn’t usually equal to the entire damage and mostly covers the 75%-80% of the cost depending on the terms of agreement.

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    Collect necessary documents that will help you prepare a proposal of reimbursement claim. Keep the receipts of the repairs done by you on the equipment of the house after damage and also take some photographs of the original situation that may help you in strengthening your claim. If you haven’t done your homework before submitting a claim, the company will just limber around and delay the process that will help them the cash outflow.

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    Claim application form is issued with the contract that you sign at the first place so search for that and duly fill it without inking anything incorrect.

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    Contact the firm and dispatch your claim along with the documents that support it to the evaluating department of the firm.

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    Keep a check on the progress of your claim on regular intervals and press on the firm to pay you as soon as possible.

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