How to Get the Most from your AAA Insurance Membership

The American Automobile Association (AAA) serves more than 51 million people by offering them a wide range of services ranging from travel and automotive to insurance and discounts. AAA members avail all these services by paying an annual fee.


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    Visit the AAA website

    You may first need to visit the AAA website and review the guidelines for the membership you have taken. Enter your zip code in the appropriate box and you will be guided to the local AAA website. You can review each category – health, auto, and home – in detail and get all relevant information.

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    Emergency assistance

    The most important usage of your AAA membership is the readily available assistance in case of emergency. Call AAA when you are stuck roadside due to flat tire, engine failure etc. You are entitled to make four emergency calls a year. Moreover, if you want to repair a car, go to auto shops which are affiliated with AAA as you can get substantial discounts and purchase other products and services.

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    Hotel and Travelling

    If you are planning a trip, visit the website to check the AAA-approved hotels. Not only you will be given the best service but will get discount on travelling expenditures. You can also make free arrangements by contacting the AAA travel agent. They can further plan your trip by informing you about packages which easily caters to your needs.

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    Auto Loans

    If you are planning to buy a new or used car, AAA can easily help you out. Surfing the website will guide you through the procedure where details about the car will be readily available. Also look for the comments section to read what other car users have to say.

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    Use the AAA card when visiting local attractions

    If you are going to any amusement park (Disney Land, Sea World, and Magic Kingdom), museum, tourist attractions, or any other fun place, make sure to use your AAA card. Check for family discounts.

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