How to Fight Home Insurance Claim Denials

Most people that own a home usually have it insured against damage. Your home is your biggest asset and most make regular payments to their insurance companies for coverage. Sometimes damage may occur to your home and you will have to file a claim for reimbursement by the insurance company. Usually it is hoped that the insurance company will pay your claim, however sometimes they might refuse or deny your claim. There are a ton of excuses that insurance companies try to use to get out of having to pay you for your losses. If this occurs there are many different methods that you can use to fight the insurance company claim denial and get your money.


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    Carefully Examine your Insurance Policy:

    Be sure to carefully examine all of the fine print in your insurance policy. Most insurance companies put various clauses that we are not aware of to protect them legally from having to pay a particular aspect of your claim.

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    Gather Information about your Claim:

    Put all of the information about your claim together. This should include all of the photos and reports that you have regarding the damage. Try to do this immediately after incurring some damage to your home, as it is very important to file a claim with your insurance company right away.

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    Write a Letter:

    Write a letter to your insurance company about your claim denial. Let them know that you are not happy with the decision and are willing to have a legal fight about it. Be sure to include all the information that you can regarding your claim and also your insurance policy.

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    Submit an Appeal:

    Submit an appeal to your insurance company regarding your claim denial. Be sure to include all of the documentation that you have put together to support your case.

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    Get Legal Advice:

    Talk to a good lawyer and get some legal advice. Taking on a large insurance company could cost you more than the actual claim in the first place. Know your rights and have the lawyer explain all the details from your insurance policy. If your lawyer feels like you might have a case and more importantly a chance to win, then you could hire him/her and pursue your issues in a court of law.

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    Contact State Insurance Department:

    If you still feel that your insurance company is delaying or denying your claim unfairly, then contact the Insurance Department of the state that you live in. They might already have prior complaints about a certain insurance company and could help you find some recourse with your issues as well.

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