How to Report Auto Insurance Fraud

When finding yourself in an insurance fraud, related to automobiles, it is necessary that you take certain steps to avoid getting exposed to rising premiums. Moreover, you may be required to pay additional money from your own pocket if the accident leads to any physical damage.


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    Contact the Insurance Company

    After the incident has taken place, it is important that you contact your insurance company, notifying them about the insurance fraud. Regardless of whose fault it was, keeping the right parties in the loop as soon as possible will give your case direction. As the insurance company will be at loss as well, if they have to pay the coverage, they will ideally look into your request diligently.  Make sure that you provide them with all the necessary details and your own findings.

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    Prepare the case

    If you believe that someone has committed auto insurance fraud, then gather the necessary evidence to back your claim. Your information must include name, address and all related facts about the alleged fraud. Any similar incident can give substantial backing. Moreover, find those who were eye witnesses to the case. Gather their personal information and take them in confidence as well.

    Here, if you have taken pictures of vehicles involved, it may help the investigation authorities gauge the true extent of your side of the story. Make copies of your own report, and send them to all concerned parties. Ensure that they are universal in the sense that the information in each report is the same. All of this can be compiled by taking help from your personal lawyer. While that route may be expensive, you would be better off pursuing it anyway as the case may eventually end up in court.

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    File the case

    Contact the insurance commission in your state and file the auto insurance fraud form to initiate the legal process. However, make sure that your action is within the time limit, prescribed by the statute of limitations.

    In the meanwhile, it is necessary to stay away from those against whom you have filed the form. These people will most likely contact you and threaten you over your actions. If that is the case, contact the local authorities and ask for protection.

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