What is an Insurance Claim

In life, there are often cases when the insurance company illegally delay or reduce insurance premiums. And maybe even refuse to pay the money. In this case, you have no other choice but to design a suit against the company and prove your innocence in court.

However, it is essential in the preparation of the statement of claim to act in accordance with legal regulations. Statement that is written by a layman often leads to hopeless situations, forcing the court to rule the case against you without consideration. Forensic evidences show that failure to observe certain rules destabilize your reputation.


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    Before you file a claim, please make sure all the required documents are in line to prove the insured event and always remember to calculate the size of the loss and witness the fact of filing an insurance claim. For example, when it comes to road accidents, it is necessary to take the copy of the report to the traffic police, the concerned department will auto-fill the form given to you by the insurance company  and will give you a written response that will certainly help you in proving your case in the court.

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    When a client files for an insurance claim, the Company shall issue a written response and conduct the examination on the case. You must contact your insurance company to issue the necessary documents if they have not provided you in the first case. These are the results of examination and insurance act, which the company indicates the amount of damage and the fact of the insured event.

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    If the insurance company refuses to issue the necessary documents, you can provide expertise on their own, using the services of independent experts. Through a telegram, call the insurance company representative on site inspection and the cost of its services to fill in the legal action to further compensate for your expenses.

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    Gathering preliminary documents for filing a claim make you stronger in filing a claim against the insurance company.

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    Before filing a lawsuit in court too, you first need to pay a state fee. Specify the size of the claim, accompanied by the original receipt. This is necessary to compensate for the losing side of your cash expenses.

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