How to Fight Insurance Claims

Fighting Insurance claims requires patience, perseverance and resolve. Knowing your policy and pressing for the right claim will eventually force the insurance company to deal with the matter even if they had shown a stubborn approach earlier.


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    Gathering information

    Knowing where you stand is a good starting point as you seek to fight an insurance claim. You will be required to trail the incident from the time you filed the claim to hearing back from the insurance company with the estimated coverage amount.

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    Get additional help

    Although it is time consuming, but feeling of mistreatment may force you to look at other options. Get in touch with other insurance companies and obtain an estimated amount, before comparing that with the figure your insurer has quoted. Make sure to give all necessary details of the incident so that you added proof of your adjuster’s negligence.

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    Understanding your insurance policy

    It is important that you review your own insurance policy to check whether the claim is fully backed by the coverage you have taken. Also ensure that the limit does not exceed your coverage or you are not entitled for claim until you pay the deductibles. Read all terms and conditions to check that you are not violating the contract.

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    Contact higher administration

    If your insurance agent has denied you or is unwilling to negotiate, take the case to the senior authorities or contact the Human Resource Department. The latter two are in a much better position to help you out or accept your request even though the policy is not offering the sort of leverage you may be asking for. However, that will depend on your previous credit history. Keeping a good record will make it obligatory for the insurer to respond you to.

    In special circumstances, the insurer is not willing to fill your claim as you have missed a deadline or haven’t submitted the forms correctly. However, know this for a fact that the company is still entitled to pay your claims unless your negligence has violated the policy or is pending for further investigation.

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    Be persistent

    As the insurance companies are dealing with various types of cases, they habitually delay procedures. Therefore it is necessary to remain calm, yet inquire about your claim again and again. Make note of the calls you have made to the insurer which will help you when the situation gets ugly.

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