How to Cancel Your Insurance Policy

If you do not need a car or a mobile phone any longer, chances are that you will be looking to cancel the insurance policy. Cancelling an insurance policy is very simple. By following simple instructions, you can get policy cancellation letter delivered to your house within a few days. Car owners sometime needs to cancel their insurance policy so the company stops charging your for providing legal cover. There are a number of available methods to cancel an insurance policy.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Word processing software
– Printer
– Printer paper
– Envelope
– Stamp
– Pen
– Your auto insurance policy papers or insurance card


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    Writing a formal letter is the best way to get your insurance policy cancelled. On the letter, consider putting down your policy number, personal details including full name and house address, car make and model, year of registration and registration number of your vehicle so the insurance company can easily locate your insurance in their database. If you do not write your full name and house address on the letter, chances are that your application will be either ignored or rejected. Take your time to make sure you have provided all the required details. Send the letter to insurance company’s business address using the first class delivery service. This will cost you less than $2.

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    If you do not have the time to pop into the local post office, consider sending the letter by fax or an email. These days, it has become extremely easy to communicate with an insurance company using the online chat support system or by sending an email directly to the department that deals with policy cancellation.

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    If you find writing a letter boring, consider ringing up the insurance company and speak to one of the customer service representatives. The CSR will put you through to the right person. You will be asked to provide your personal details such as policy reference number, house address, bank details and vehicle make and model. Some companies may also want to know for what reason you want to cancel your insurance policy. Be honest and tell them the reason why you are looking to switch to another insurance company if this is the case.

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    Request the company to refund any used portion of your premium. Sign the cancellation letter and send it back to the insurance company using the first class postal service.

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