How to Sell Long Term Care Insurance

The word “Life” is punctuated with joys and sorrows. No matter how successful and intelligent you are, the mishaps and accidents are always there in life. There would be hardly anyone who may not have been trough the ups and downs of life. Some accidents or mishaps affecting anyone can lead to a situation where he or she becomes unable to carry out their activities of daily living, such that there is a chance of disability continuing over a long and indefinite period of time. Considering the fact that life has to go on in any case, anything that can help you to survive in such conditions is a Long Term Care Insurance. If you are an Insurance Sales Agent and want to sell Long Term Care Insurance, you might be aware of the tough competition in this field as there are thousands of companies operating in the market. However, this useful article contains few easy steps that you have to keep in mind in order to satisfy your customer and to make effective sale.


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    Gather authentic information

    Do a proper homework before getting into the market for selling your Long Term Care Insurance as your customers can possibly throw off a number of questions. Hence, make sure that you have complete knowledge about your product so that you can answer all possible concerns and queries pertaining to it.

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    Look for prospects

    Instead of wasting your time in trying to sell Long Term Care Insurance to those who do not need it, you should try focusing on those who can be your best possible target customers. Once you identified the right segment of customers, it will be an easy task for you to convince them to buy your Long Term Care Insurance. This will save a lot of time and energy.

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    Create the Need

    Until and unless there will be no need of a specific product in the market, you cannot sell it. Therefore, you have to put efforts in creating the need for your product. For Long Term Care Insurance, make sure that the age of person is above 32 years because the probability of person becoming disabled in next 90-days is more than the probability of death. Once you identified the age group of your customers, make your customer realize that they need your product to tackle any kind of unfortunate mishap in their life. The best possible way is to educate them through various means of advertisement and some personal selling. In addition to that the given below are few simple questions that can be asked to create need such as:

    In case of a permanent disability, how are you going to run your routine expenditures?
    If you need Life Time Care services in a skilled nursing home costing up to $70,000 in next 5 to 10 years, do you think you will be able to afford it easily?

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    Apply your marketing and sales strategies

    Apply you marketing and sales strategies to let people know about your product. You can use different marketing and sales tools to increase the sales of your Long Term Care Insurance. You can give ads on TV, newspaper, radio etc. besides that, billboards, brochures, flyers, banners etc are other source of marketing. Last but not the least; viral marketing is one among the very effective tools of marketing in which words of mouth play its role in the marketing of your product.

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    Be positive and patient

    Upon noticing that the prospect is getting closer to buy something, some Insurance Sales Agents tend to get a bit over excited. This can possibly make the customer get cold feet resulting in losing a confirm sale. Hence, if you are on the verge of selling Long Term Care Insurance, try to be extremely patient by acting professionally. Try to be expression less until the sale is closed and all the relevant documents are signed.

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