How to Protect Against Auto Insurance Fraud

Accidents occur daily and become a huge burden on you as you not only chase the real culprits, but seek ways to explain the situation to your insurance company. While there is no hard and fast rule to protect yourself from auto insurance frauds, it is important to take certain safety measures which ensure minimal hassle when such issues take place.


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    It is important that you research for a suitable auto insurance before paying premium on it. The essential rule is that you ensure that the insurance company and agent have proper licensing. This is important, as reputable companies will properly address your claims, and will give you fair amount of protection in case of an accident.

    Moreover, don’t just base your estimation on price, as this can be a misleading factor. If the competitors are offering higher prices, it is likely that your desired insurance company is not a legitimate one. Also, ensure that all charges are presented in the bill, and you clearly know what special services are being offered.

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    Remain careful while driving. It may not be your fault when a car pulls up in front you, leading to inevitable contact, but under the law it is you who will be held liable for any damage. Moreover, you may have to pay extra price in personal injuries, if the victim has suffered any physical damage.

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    It is important that you contact your insurance agency to report the incident. Settling the case at the scene will only put you in more trouble as the insurer may deny any coverage. It will further have a negative effect on your driving history. While this may be unavoidable, it is advisable that you try to prove your innocence.

    However, do make sure that you exchange all necessary information with the other party which will include name, address, car number etc. Also Count the total number of people who have been affected by the accident.

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    Take measures to control any fraudulent claims against you. This may include carrying a portable camera with you, and taking pictures after the accident took place. This will ensure that the scene is not tampered with and you exactly know the condition of the cars involved

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    Keep police in the loop. Having your basis covered will ensure that the police will be willing to help you out, and protect you in case of any harsh penalties. Insurance companies will want to hear the story from a state representative or a trusted third party.

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