How to Become an Insurance Agent

If you want to earn some big money in relatively quick time and have flare for sales with qualities of a good sales person, then an Insurance Agent is certainly one of the best professions for you. Nevertheless, before choosing this profession you must keep in mind that you have to work extensively hard before you expect any reward. It may prove to be a bit discouraging when you start up as an insurance agent. However, once you succeed in developing a good client’s portfolio then you will end up playing in millions. Hence, if it is your ambition to become an Insurance Agent by any chance there are a few important things you need to understand.


  • 1

    Knowledge of Insurance

    As it is important for a sales person to have complete product knowledge, similarly it is vital for an Insurance Agent to have authentic knowledge of the Insurance field. An insurance agent must have complete knowledge of health, life, liability and property insurance.

  • 2

    Degree and Qualification

    An insurance agent should preferably have atleast a Bachelor’s Degree with some sales, finance, Mathematics, accounting and business background. Above all, the insurance agent should have the ability of speaking in public with confidence.

  • 3

    Training and License

    It is important for an insurance agent to understand that every state has its own insurance laws. Hence, it is advised to seek professional training and obtain a proper license from any recognized school of insurance agents.

  • 4

    Build up your Customer Portfolio

    You may not have people becoming your customers right from the word go. It will take some time that you become known as a professional Insurance Agent. It is advised that you should keep in touch with potential customers by visiting them or atleast giving them a phone call once a week.

  • 5

    Keep yourself motivated

    Selling insurance can become hectic and at times demoralizing for an Insurance Agent. It is suggested that keep yourself motivated and focus on hard work as it always pays you back sooner or later.

  • 6

    Relation with Customers

    Always remember that a satisfied customer will always give you one more customer. Hence you need to make sure that you serve your clients even after selling the insurance policy.

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