How to Get Life Insurance Leads

Selling Life insurance plans is tough as people usually don’t have the financial muscle or awareness to pursue them. However, establishing appropriate avenues will help you get potentially the best life insurance leads.


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    Contacting your own circle

    It is the starting point for most as they look to find life insurance leads. Contact your friends, relatives or business associates and ask them whether they are interested in purchasing life insurance policies. Explain the benefits to them and you never know that you may just talk them into buying one if they already don’t have it. However, some may not be in an immediate condition to purchase it, or simply don’t need it, but can hook you up with those who are in search of one.

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    Create a business network

    Make a list of all the business associates you know and use their contacts to help your own cause. For instance, if you know a few real estate brokers, or other insurance agents, ask them to help you out and in return refer some names that can help their case. That will create a network where you will get clients on a regular basis.

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    Signing up

    Most firms or online websites offer services relating to sales lead. By signing up with them, you will be able to find clients who are seeking life insurance plans. has an online data base of potential shoppers. You will need to pay a monthly fee to access the database. Moreover, there are firms which offer similar services by charging a certain amount.

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    Asking old clients

    This could be an excellent source for a list of recommendations. Previous clients who have had the pleasure of dealing with you will most certainly provide you with a list of referrals. Establishing strong relationship with clients will ease out the burden on you when it comes to making cold calls.

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    Spreading awareness

    If someone has started a small business in your area, with less than 100 employees, it is likely that he or she is unaware of purchasing a group life insurance. By convincing him or her, you can easily sell the plan which will cater to several individuals. Moreover, you can also contact universities and colleges where you spread awareness among fresh graduates.

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