How to Make a Claim on Car Insurance after Accident

Insurance policies have become much more popular in the last few years. Whenever your car is involved in an accident, you inform the company regarding the damage and the company assesses your application. The claim is then provided to you in accordance with the coverage amount in your policy.

To make a claim on car insurance, there are a variety of things that are needed to be done in order to get your due. If you are at fault, your company is liable to pay for the other person’s car also which will reduce the amount the company needs to pay for the damage to your own car. So, in that case you will have to empty your pockets to pay for the damages.


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    Thoroughly document the accident

    After an accident, thoroughly document the accident and collect as many evidences as you can from the location of the incident. Try taking pictures from different angles before the cars are moved from their positions of contact. This will help you in providing enough proof to the police and the insurance company on who is at fault for the accident

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    Review your current policy with the insurance company

    The next thing would be to immediately review the insurance policy you have. Thoroughly go through the terms and conditions of your insurance and determine what coverage the company offers. If the company offers collision coverage, you are liable for a claim

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    Contact your insurance company immediately

    The best way is to contact your insurance company immediately after the accident to report the incident. Mention your policy number to the agent so that the process starts as soon as possible. Also mention all the details of the accident including the time, location and the possible reasons of the accident. Try to email the agent all the pictures and information you have for the incident for a better review of your application

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    Get the estimate of the damage

    When you have informed the insurance company regarding the incident, go to a workshop and get the estimate of the damage. Try to get the estimate from at least two places as that would give you a better evaluation. Provide the estimate to the company and inform them the cost of the damage

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    Follow-up the insurance company for the claim

    It is important to follow-up for the claim. For that, call your agent after a week and ask him regarding the status of your claim. If you are not satisfied with the amount of the claim, let the agent know for alterations

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