Deal with rude debt collectors with 4 simple ways

Debt collectors are always abrasive. This is because they are used to dealing with stubborn and unresponsive people who most of the times cannot give them what they are claiming. To deal with rude debt collectors, one has to devise very clever ways to avoid them. If they confront you directly, try to stay calm and collected. Explain your situation without being rude because if you are rude, the situation will get worse. This is because they will become more abrasive and a fight may ensue. Make them understand your rights as a debtor in a calm and collected manner. If they are too stubborn, threaten to call the police and politely ask them to leave your home.

Of course this is an assumption that you have borrowed from legal institutions. In case of banks, insurance companies and other loaning institutions, you can report rude debt collectors to a superior. This will put them in their place. Just because you owe an institution money does not mean that their people can come knocking to your door every now and then and using bad language when addressing you. The basic client and courtesy should always remain.


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    Seek legal redress: this is one way in which you can deal with rude debt collectors. This is especially important for people who come claiming money from you every month or every week. They have to be made to understand that you are a client and that you have rights of your own. Many people hate the displeasure of having to deal with debt collectors and the experiences should be kept at minimum. If you are totally broke and have no money whatsoever, here are some ways in which you can avoid the constant headache of debt collectors at your door.

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    Consolidate all your debts: You do not have to deal with debt collectors from three credit card companies and the insurance and the bank for mortgage. Have all your debts consolidated to one huge debt owed to one creditor. This way, you will only have to meet with this one creditor over the set period of time when you are supposed to make your payments.

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    Pay your minor debts:  You do not have to borrow from each and every place. Start paying off your debts starting by the smallest because you will actually decrease the amount of people you owe money. Sometimes borrowing from people you know will be patient with you such as family is better than going to brokers and shylocks. Remember some of these illegal lenders can even be dangerous especially if you do not give them back their money.

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    Declare bankruptcy: This is the last resort and one should only do this if they have no other alternative. If you have too many debts and you do not want to lose some assets in your house such as basic living necessities, declare bankruptcy and have a fresh start. It may stop you from ever running for public office but then how many people actually run for office?

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