How to Cancel an Insurance Claim

There are many situations when a person who has filed for a claim from his insurance company decides to withdraw his case. This may be because of a situation in which the second party has agreed to make the payment in person and the insurance company is not required to pay the claim.

This usually happens when a person is at fault in an accident and he would not like to pay the high premium in this case. It would be better for him to make the settlement with the other party without involving the insurance company.


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    Contact the insurance company

    The first part of the process would be to contact the insurance company that has agreed to pay your claim. Contact the company and ask for the agent that has filed your case. Talk to him and mention your case if he does not remember. It is very important to have your policy number and the claim number when you contact the agent.

    Also, make sure that you provide ample proof of claim to the agent. For example, email him the Request for claim document and the police report of the incident

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    Offer a valid explanation to the agent

    You should offer a valid reason to the agent in a situation of cancelling the claim. Of you offer a genuine reason for the cancellation of the claim; it would be easy and convenient for the insurance company to wave off the claim made by you

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    Ask the company to close the file for your case

    When you have offered all the details to the insurance company, ask the agent to close your file for the case as soon as possible. You will be required to fill some forms for the action to be taken. The insurance company will only cancel the claim if you agree to close any cases in the court regarding the case, if there are any

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    Follow-up to confirm

    It is always good to follow-up with the insurance company to make sure the case has been closed in an effective manner. You should make sure that the case is closed in time otherwise you would be liable for payment to the other party. Meeting the agent would be an even better option so that you can receive any documents or proof for your own record from the company for the closure of the file

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