How to File an Auto Insurance Claim

Auto insurance companies generally do not get positive rating from their clients. They possess a negative image because of the tough time they give to their users when it comes to the time of claiming insurance in case of an accident or damage to vehicle due to some other event. However, in some cases it appears that consumers do not know how to file for a claim, and their incorrect effort leads them to face delay and in many cases denial of their claims. This certainly adds to their agony at the time they are without their vehicle, and getting it repaired without any insurance help is too costly for them.

Facing difficulties in claiming insurance cover at the time of the need is also because of insurance cover you have chosen for your car. In case of a comprehensive package, there is little room left for the insurance companies for any excuse to deny the claim. In case of a third-party package, the matter is delayed most of the times for a number of reasons.

Nevertheless, a systematic approach to filing for insurance claim to recover the repair cost of your damaged vehicle makes the overall process less hectic.


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    Evaluate Your Eligibility

    Before applying for insurance claim with your insurance cover provider, you should evaluate your ability to get your vehicle repaired. The extent of damage will help you to determine it. Sometimes purchase price of your car that you gave at the time of getting insurance for it, is less than actual extent of the damage, and company insists for writing off your vehicle, since cost or repair is greater than the vehicle's purchase price. So be careful at the time you get insurance cover.

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    Complete Worksheet

    In the event of an accident, you should share your and your vehicle's information with the other driver involved. Also, get their complete information and vehicle's details as well. Generally a sheet is filled out with details of accident and information of both parties. Also, if someone is injured in the accident report it to the police immediately.

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    File For Claim

    Soon after you complete worksheet, apply for insurance claim. You can do this either online or get a form downloaded. Fill it out and send with all required documents and pictures of the damaged vehicle at the given postal address. In case of submitting a claim online, you may still be required to send some documents through post. Whatever method you use, do not delay filing a claim.

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    Be Prepared to Settle Dispute

    In an event of accident that involves another vehicle and driver, there is a possibility that you get a call from another insurance company to explain whose fault it was. Generally, one does not accept their fault when they do not have a comprehensive insurance cover. The possibility of a dispute is greater if some passengers are involved.

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    Wait for Approval of Claim

    Once all other matters are settled between you and your insurance cover provider, you are on the unpleasant course of wait. You can either be given details of the garage where your car will be fixed or in case of a write-off you will be compensated through a cheque. In the latter case, the process of approval of the claim might be slower.

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