How to File a Renter Insurance Claim

Having insurance for the property that you are renting out is extremely important, especially in case of any mishaps which could result in damage of not only property, but life as well. It is a good choice to make sure that you have adequate coverage when renting out either an apartment, a home or commercial property as any damage will be regarded to be your responsibility in the case of not having renter insurance.


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    Get the Police Involved

    When a crime has been committed or damage caused by unknown reasons, it is smart to get the police officials involved as they will provide an adequate statement as to what possibly happened and resulted in the damage.  For this, a police report will be filed and the insurance company should also be notified in case of crime, fire, flood, theft or accidental causes.

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    Have on Record all Loss

    Each and everything that has apparently been lost due to the crime or whatever cause it should be listed down by you, as this will be a valuable asset to claim insurance later on. The items, manufacturers, and approximate date of purchase and price should all be jotted down for later use and in order to avoid any confusion about the loss later on.

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    Get Professional Assessment and Date of Claim Process

    Filing an insurance claim is not always easy and may require a lot of time being invested in the process. Having a professional help in adding up how much the claim should be will give you a better idea on what should be done. The date should also be given by the company as soon as possible.

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    Settle the Claim

    After everything has been completed by your side and the insurance company’s, it is wise to have all documents checked by a legal professional who can ensure that nothing was done to affect you in a negative way in the longer run. Most insurance companies love to play around with words, which could mean issues later on.

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    File Suit in case of Failure to Claim

    Legal remedies will have to be explored if an insurance claim does not work out for you the way that you hoped and a lawyer will be able to adequately guide you in the process. This method is the only way to ensure justice if there are some issues in the claim.

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