What Is an Insurance Premium

Insurance premium (premium) is the cost of insurance, that the insured pays the insurer. In other words, this is the price for the services of the insurer from the client in case the insured event occurs. Early termination of the contract of insurance is the part of the premium for the period.

Insurance tightly cover our lives. The majority of companies offered medical insurance in the past but, nowadays, many have resorted to insurance risk to life or property. Company engaged in the provision of such services charge extra premium, based on the tariff rate.


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    Learn the rules of the insurance company before signing the policy. Pay special attention to the section "Order of termination or expiration of the contract," as a rule, the item is in the second half of the text. If the rules are not shown to you as a hard copy, visit your insurance company and tell them to include these documents in the relevant section.

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    Please note that in no case shall terminate the insurance contract and in what time frame to notify the insurer. An example of this can be a sale of the car, which was insured six months ago, or the inability to travel abroad for a reason, such as illness, although the insurance policy going abroad has been issued.

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    Call your insurance company. Explain the situation and ask them to send an e-mail form on the application of avoidance. Ask the employee to do the calculation for the unused premium in case you want to quit.

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    Fill out the application form, if it was not sent to you, write it in free form. However, there is no need to specify the reasons for you to end the relationship with the insurance company. Write to the statement, which way you want to get the money. Cash in hand or bank transfer to a personal account are two options.

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    Keep in mind that the so-called insurance premium which has not been consumed is directly proportional to the period of the contract. That is, if the policy was made six months ago, the insurance business remains with more than half the money. This is due to the costs of the proceedings of the service contract and the load on the tariff.

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    Visit the office of the insurance company, give the employee a completed application and get the money. Or wait for the money transfer.

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