How to Get Self Employment Health Insurance

Being self-employed seems satisfactory but finding a health insurance on your own can be hard. Shopping for the right choice requires careful estimation of the relative costs and benefits you will gain from a particular policy.


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    Hanging on to your current health insurance

    This occurs in situation when you are leaving your current job and pursuing your own course of work. Under the 1986 Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), you can retain the existing health service for up to 18 months when you leave a job. This time frame gives you leverage to get your finances sorted out and start finding other suitable ways to cover your health expenses.

    However, to exercise this option, make sure that you were not fired from the job. Regardless of the fact, you will probably pay some money from your own pocket.

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    Buy your own health insurance

    The simplest way for a self-employed is to buy his/her own health insurance policy. The starting point for most will be Ehealthinsurance which is suggested by most. This online source will guide you through the procedure for finding the suitable health insurance policy.

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    Assess your needs

    When pursuing your own insurance policy, you need to be careful regarding the overall cost. You must accurately gauge your financial health and check for coverage which caters to your family needs as well. For starters, consider a plan with higher deductibles as the premium will be relatively low. Although, it will ultimately mean that you will be paying higher amounts from your own pocket, but putting your money in a health savings account can be advantageous due to the tax-free factor.

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    Get Professional help

    If you have any query about the policy you want to pursue, it is good to get professional advice from a reputable insurance agent. He/She will answer and clear most of your queries and will quote you different rates from which you can choose the right one.

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    Working spouse

    If you have a working spouse, it will be a perfect solution for your health insurance. With you being self-employed and aiming to invest more money in the business, opting for a joint-insurance will certainly save you some bucks and ease the financial burden.

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