How to Change an Exercise Routine

Starting an exercise routine in the first place can be really hard for some people. While you may be initially motivated to take it up and pursue it, the spark soon dies. However, if you keep switching your routine every few weeks, you can maintain the level of motivation and drive to stick with your workout plans.

Exercise does you no good if you are not consistent with it. It needs to become a part of your lifestyle, much like eating and drinking, and exercise, just like food and drink, needs variety.


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    Understand your body

    If your current workout has given unsatisfactory results, you may want to make it more intense, or switch to other exercises. More often, the body gets used to the same routine, and stops responding drastically. In order to shock it back into action, you can switch exercises while focusing on the same core muscles you wanted.

    For instance, a lower body workout can be performed either through running outdoors, or on the treadmill. However, monitoring speed, time, heart rate and adding other measurements like calories burned and distance covered can help keep you more engaged.

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    Overcome boredom

    Boredom maybe your biggest issue when it comes to spending time at the gym. You need to keep yourself engaged during the workout and not think too much about the time.

    For instance, if you have set yourself a 30-minute target for the workout, try incorporating three or four different exercises rather than checking the clock after every minute. Listening to your favourite music is helpful, but most often than not, people get fed up of listening to the same old playlist. Update it periodically and you will feel happier to workout daily.

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    Keep a balance

    Your gym may be the best in your community, but you may get bored of the same place over time. You can spend time away from the gym by working out in other locations such as parks, which will automatically lead you to change your exercise routine.

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