How to Change the Weight of Your Pool Cue

Just like a bat is crucial to a batsman’s performance in cricket, a pool cue plays a major role in the performance of a pool player. Pool players choose from different sizes and weights of cues according to their preferences and playing styes. At times, players also use different cues for different shots. For example, most players tend to use heavier cues for long shots or to break the chap; whereas, lighter cues are preferred for other types of shots. The height of a player and the length of his arm must be taken into account when changing the weight or the length of his/her cue. The exercise will also depend on the type of cue you have, since some cues have removable parts, making it much easier to adjust them.


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    Remove the butt-cap

    First of all, you need to take out the butt from the rear of the pool cue. If the pool cue does not have any removable parts, you cannot modify its weight and length. However, most new, high quality cues are adjustable, and you should confirm this at the time of purchase.

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    Use the Allen key

    Insert the Allen key in the cue and turn it anticlockwise to remove the existing weight in your cue. Some cues do not have a place for the Allen key to be inserted. In this scenario, you should consult the cue's manual for instructions on how to remove the weight.

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    Insert the new weight

    Turn the new weight in a clockwise direction in to the butt of the cue. It can be easily tightened with your hands, without using any kind of tools. However, it is recommended that you use the Allen key to finish inserting the weight in the cue. Having softly tightening the cue, you need to stop when there is obvious resistance. Make sure that you do not try to tighten the cue too much; otherwise, you may end up damaging your cue or its balance.

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    Reinsert the butt cap

    In order to finish changing the weight of your pool cue, you should insert the butt cap on to the end of the pool cue once again.

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