How to Change Truck Wheels

Wheels are one of the most important aspects of every motor vehicle, as they allow one to drive smoothly and safely, especially at high speeds. Wheels or Tires provide grip and control to every motor vehicle.

However, in determining the grip and control in that type of wheels or tires provide to the motor vehicle, the materials used to made up these wheels or tires and the air filled in them also play a major role.

Wheels or Tires have the tendency of going flat or blowing out due to several different reasons, and one must know how to change its vehicle’s wheel or tire.

This article will help you to learn ‘How to Change Truck Wheels’.

Things Required:

Spare tire
Lug wrench
Large rock or wheel wedge


  • 1

    Park your truck in the garage, and engage the parking brakes. One must also place a large rock or a wheel wedge behind or in front, depending upon the slope of that place, of one of the wheels or tires. Now place the jack in a proper position through which one will be able to raise the truck above from the ground. Raise the jack until it is perfectly secured underneath the truck. After properly securing the jack, remove the hubcap cover from the wheel or tire. Loosen the nuts of your wheel or tie slightly with the help of lug wrench. If the nuts are not loosening up, one can use their foot to apply pressure on the lug wrench.

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    Once all of the nuts are loosen up, raise the truck with the help of the jack until the wheel or tire is completely off the ground. Remove the nuts, and store them on a flat surface. Remove the wheel or tire, and set it aside.

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    Now take out the spare wheel or tire, and place it on the wheel. Make sure that all the holes are perfectly slid into the wheel studs. Install the nuts on the tire with the help of your fingers, and tighten them up as much as you can. Once all the nuts are tighten up to hold up the wheel or tire to its place, lower down the jack. With the help of the lug wrench, tighten up the nuts further. Make sure that every nut is properly tighten up, and will not loosen up. Your truck is now ready to be driven.

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