How to Restore Your Truck Bed Liner

Truck bed liners are the best possible protection to bed of your truck, but carrying different types of cargo can cause a considerable amount of damage to the liners themselves. They can easily shift if they are drop-in liners and scratch the bed of truck and on the other sprayed-on liners, which are not as thick and the drop-in can quickly lose their colour and shining or even be a subject of some serious damage. You can restore your truck bed liners. The job may not look serious to you, but it is essential to your truck protection.


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    Washing Down Bed Liner

    The first step for you to take is to wash the truck bed liner with a plenty of water. You can use any washing powder. The important thing is that the truck bed should be clear of any dust, grains or any other stuff that can come in between the restoration work or does not allow it to finish properly. After you wash the bed of the truck, let it dry for some time. Make sure that the bed has dried out completely and does not contain any material.

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    Bed Liner Restoring Gel

    You can find a good quality restoring gel in the market. If you have been using the products regularly, you can be aware of the quality brand, that you trust the most. Otherwise, trust the word of the salesman and buy a possible gel of good quality. There can be a number of cheaper lower quality products. They can further damage your truck bed and might torn out the entire liner or dampen its colour. So be careful about the brands.

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    Application of Gel

    It is likely that you will be given a sponge or gel applicator to apply gel on the truck bed liner. So take a fair amount of restoration gel on the applicator or spray it on the entire truck bed liner and then apply it thoroughly by the applicator. Make sure you do not leave any spot free of the gel. Also, before applying the gel make sure that your truck is parked at a place where its bed is not exposed to the sun directly.

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    Drying Out

    After you have applied the gel thoroughly, let it dry out for about 15 minutes, and this will restore your truck bed liner to its original shining. Since gel gets through to all spores and places easily, it can protect your truck bed liner for another six months at least.

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