How to Make a Wooden Monster Truck

Wooden monster trucks are commonly used as decorative gift items. Additionally, they can be used as sturdy discovery toys for kids. Luckily you do not have to be an expert to make a wooden monster truck. If you have the required equipment and materials, you can get this job done quicker than you may think. A typical wooden monster truck does not contain metals and therefore, it is safe to make.

Things Required:

– 2-by-4-inch wood scraps
– 2-by-2-inch wood scraps
– 1/4-by-3/4-inch lattice stripping scraps
– 1/4-inch-wide round dowel scraps
– Straight-backed handsaw
– Drill press
– 2-inch keyhole bit
– 1/4-inch drill bit
– 3/8-inch drill bit
– Flat wood rasp
– Sanding block
– Coarse-, medium- and fine-grain sandpaper
– Shop rag
– 4-inch adjustable clamp
– Table vise
– Cardboard squares
– Wood stain
– Cheesecloth
– Lacquer finish


  • 1

    Consider cutting two pieces from 2 by 4 inch scraps. One of the lengths should be six inches and the other one should not be more than 1 inch. These two lengths will be used as the cab and chassis of your wooden monster truck. It is recommended to position the one inch length in the vise. Consider positioning a large number of cardboard pieces between the vise and one inch sides to keep the wood safe.

  • 2

    Next, sketch a straight line across the top that should be ¼ inch from the front. It is advised to use pencil when drawing lines so you erase them if needed. Now consider cutting off the wedge shape you marked using a pencil. This can be done by using a medium sized cutter.

  • 3

    Now use the 2 by 2 scraps with the handsaw to cut off two one inch lengths. Furthermore, cut two three inch lengths of lattice scraps and two six inch lengths of dowel. Connect the drill press to the keyhole bit. Now place the 2 inch by 2 inch scrap on the drill press and consider making two 2 inch circles from the fragment.

  • 4

    Buy a drill if you don’t have one already. Using the drill and make holes through the centre of each one inch side of the 2 by 2 inch scraps. Make the edges around the chassis, rear and bottom smooth using a tape.

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