How to Lift a 4×4 Truck

You might feel the need of lifting up your truck for changing a punctured tire or getting access to the undercarriage for performing any maintenance work. Lifting a 4×4 truck is pretty much the same as lifting any other sort of vehicle. However, 4×4 trucks are normally heavier than other trucks and jacks are only suitable for temporary lifts to change the tires. It is more appropriate to use the jack stands and wheel ramps to lift the heavier 4×4 trucks, rather than depending on bleak jacks.


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    Take the key out of the ignition and secure your truck into a stationary position by pulling the emergency break. In automatic trucks, you will need to turn on the ‘Park’ mode and in the other conventional vehicles, the reverse gear will do the job.

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    You have to be sure that your 4x4 truck is not standing on a sloping surface but on flat ground. Sloping surfaces make it difficult for you to maintain the balance of the truck and it might result in rolling hazards in the end.

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    Now before you start lifting up a tire, you need to block the diagonal wheel to maintain balance. If you are beginning by lifting the driver’s side front wheel, secure the diagonal back wheel with wheel stops to sustain the balance and weight of the truck. These two elements alter while lifting the truck and are extremely crucial for you to maintain. Any carelessness might result in rolling hazards and it can cause some real damage.

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    Now place a lifting jack at the jacking point near the wheel. You can go through the owner’s manual to find the exact location of the jacking points, as these points vary from model to model of 4x4 trucks.

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    Turn the crank slowly to lift the wheel off the ground. Try to be steady and don’t rush into lifting such heavy and massive thing like a 4x4 truck. Lift up the wheel high enough to accommodate a jack stand underneath it.

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    Once the wheel is lifted, slide a jack stand underneath the truck for support. Make to place the stand at the right spot otherwise it might result in a disaster. Place the jack stand at the metal frame rail and reverse the jack’s crank to bring the truck onto the stand.

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    Place the jack at the next lifting point and repeat the same procedure to insert the other jack stands. You can lift all the four wheels of your 4x4 truck in this way.

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