How to Wire a Leer Truck Cap

A leer truck cap not only covers the security requirement of the load on a truck bed, but also makes your truck look good. The process of putting leer on the truck is not difficult , you can do it by yourself and simply wire it on the top so it stays tightly attached and secure on the top of the truck. In case of having leer truck cap, you can drive the vehicle at your comfort, without being worried that the load you are carrying can face a security risk. However, wiring of the leer is a difficult process, which you can nevertheless complete by following simple steps.


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    Locating Third Brake Wiring

    Locate third brake wiring after popping the hatch. Just follow the wire the way it runs through and locate its actual point. Also, check with the laws of your area if  third brake light is allowed legally. In most areas third brake light is declared illegal and you can face legal difficulties if you wire the reel truck cap without knowing it.

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    Finding Positive Wire

    Have your assistant to push the brake and you crawl underneath the truck to locate where the wiring runs. Have the assistant to push and release the brake pedal while you use a 12-bolt bulb to test each light. When the bulb goes on, it means you have found the positive wire. The light should be turned on while the pedal is pressed and should be off when the pedal is released.

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    Connecting With Wire

    After locating the positive and right wire, run the wire through the shell from the truck bed down to third brake wire. Connect it with the red wire and use pliers to secure it, before wrapping a tape around it. Make sure you have secured the wire before taping it, and it is tightened enough that it does not separate with an easy push or pull.

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    Connect Black Wire

    Find the black wire the way you have found the red one, in the harness and secure it with pliers. Attaching the black wire in the harness does your job, but make sure both wires are secured properly and cannot be removed easily. Also, tape around them so that they do not touch each other in the naked areas.

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