How to Save Money while Trucking

Your truck is just like a big bank that will not last long enough unless you use some money saving techniques. Get hold of a small book and pen and note down every cent you spend during the week, and this includes every single penny. After the week, check whether you can find three things you should not have spent on. Then save this amount next week or use this extra cash on something that is worthwhile. For instance, if you spent $5 on video games at a truck shop out of boredom, you might have bought a book with this money and had enjoyed numerous relaxation evenings.


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    Spend money wisely

    You can take benefit from the coupons present at a truck stop or could have bought a DVD to accompany you on your travels or with the children when you go home. If you want to quit smoking, then try to use the money that you would have spent on cigarettes on a new reel, a tin of caviar or fishing lures. You can save a whole lot of money by putting an end to the useless habits that you have made on the road.

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    Always carry change

    You should keep quarters for laundry in a plastic canister. By doing this, you will not need to check for change while you go to get laundry. As a result of this, you will avoid breaking a big bill at a truck stop. The lure of buying an extra couple of things is always there, and by having change with you, you will not get a chance to spend more money on unnecessary items. Try to keep large bills in a bag and then hide that package in your house. Make sure you do not keep this stash under your bed. You can also save a small amount of salary in this bag every week, and at the end of three months you would have gathered a big sum. After that, you need to put this money in your bank account and have to start saving all over again.

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    Make your own food

    You should cook yourself as it will reduce your spending a lot. Microwave is a smart choice as it will recover its price paid in less than three weeks rather than eating out 21 times. The same goes for a refrigerator as groceries as expensive on the road.

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