How to Build Truck Bed Storage Boxes

If you own a truck or drive one, it is imperative for you to have a storage box which can be used to house your tools or any other stuff which you carry on the truck. If you do not use a bed storage box, you are exposing other people to danger. The tools or equipment that you load in the truck may come loose and strike the vehicles behind you, causing accidents. Therefore, in order to prevent any mishap, you must build a bed storage box in your truck.

Things Required:

Hammer and Nails
Small hinges
Paint (your preferred color)


  • 1

    Purchase plywood

    Go to a high-quality wood store and buy plywood. You may find some reusable plywood in your store room. While looking for plywood, you must make sure that it can be used to make a box. The size of plywood is important as the size of the box will depend on it. In most cases a 2x3 feet box is more than enough to keep all the tools you will need.

  • 2

    Cut the plywood

    The next step is to cut the plywood with a saw into four equal panels. You also need two more pieces to serve as the base and the lid. The four panels will serve as the sides, with a base and a cover. All six sides must be very neatly cut.

  • 3

    Join the pieces and nail them

    Put all the six sides together and form a box. Start to nail them together one by one. While nailing the pieces together, you should strike on the nails hard with a hammer to ensure that the pieces are properly joined. You can also use some glue on the edges of the wooden pieces just to strengthen the joints.

    Put hinges on the piece of wood which is going to be used as the cover of the box. Ask someone to hold the cover, while you fix the hinges and nail the lid to the box.

  • 4

    Paint the box

    If you want to add color to your box, paint it according to your preference. Paint sprays are easily available in the market. Leave the box under sunlight for 8 to 10 hours before you start to use it.

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