How to Load a Dump Truck

You have been appointed as a Dump Truck driver in a company and very soon you will be given an assignment. If this is your first job and at the same time your first assignment, naturally you will be just a touch tentative. You might have got special training and also would have driven a Dump Truck many times. However, when it comes to loading a dump truck, you have to make sure that nothing goes wrong from your part. A slight mistake in loading a dump truck may result in big damage. Hence, it is better to know a few things before piling load in the dump truck bed so as to ensure proper loading.


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    You should be well aware of the maximum load the dump truck can lift. Be informed about the legal weight limit allowed as you will be driving on public roads and highways.

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    As the hydraulic rams under the dump truck bed are responsible for dumping the load so if overloaded the hydraulics may fail to lift. It is important that the load is properly piled in the bed of the dump truck.

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    While parking, ensure that the truck is on ground level and the parking brakes are applied. Besides, examine the bed to see if it is absolutely down by checking the dump gate and tying chains and bar locks in their safe locked arrangement.

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    Keeping the bucket of the dump truck parallel to the ground position, drive towards the material that has to be loaded.

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    Set the bucket down on the ground a few feet before the material while driving forward and give the loader gas to dig into the material.

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    While driving forward, keep some distance away from the material to have some space for lifting as you bring the bucket down on the ground.

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    Pull the lever that controls the open part of the bucket by keeping it horizontally up and wait until it is the bucket is full of material.

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    Lift the bucket in such a way that the bottom is atleast 3 feet above the ground by maneuvering the bucket lifting lever.

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    To transfer the material in the dump truck, drive loader in the direction of the dump truck and stop some distance away from the side of the truck. Now centering the bucket with the center of the bed of the dump truck along the side of its wall, raise the bucket horizontally high parallel to the ground.

  • 10

    Finally centering the bucket directly over the center line of the bed, slowly dump the material into the dump truck bed. Moving backwards and forth, ensure that material is completely dumped in the center of the bed and repeat the procedure till the dump truck bed is full.

  • 11

    Once you are done with loading, weigh the truck so as to ensure that the loaded material is not exceeding the legal axle weight limit.

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