How to Paint a Truck in Camouflage

Camouflage is the primary colour used for military vehicles. There are several benefits of painting a truck in Camouflage. It hides any imperfections in the body, it hides the dust and dirt while it is best for hiding your truck in the bushes during hunting or any military operation.

One can paint his/her truck in camouflage comfortably according to their own liking.

Things Required:

– Camouflage stencil kit
– Sandpaper (80- and 120-grit)
– Sanding block
– Automotive primer
– Automotive paint
– Masking paper
– Masking tape
– Automotive clear coat


  • 1

    Apply masking tape to all that area one does not want to paint, apply masking paper and tape to cover the windshield, all the windows and tires. Now, sand the entire body of the truck with 80-grit sand paper. It will remove all the existing paint.

  • 2

    After sanding the whole body of your truck properly, apply at least three to four coats of primer. Each coat of primer should be applied after the first one has dried out. When your final coat has also dried, sand the entire truck body yet again with a sanding block and 120-grit sand paper.

  • 3

    Now spray a base colour on the truck body. Olive green colour is recommended as it blends together effectively with other colours. Apply two thin but even coats to the whole body of the truck.

  • 4

    After your olive green paint has dried out, apply dark brown or black paint with the help of a tree branch stencil to entire body of your truck. Make sure that you spray the paint mostly on the upper parts of the truck body.

  • 5

    Place the grass stencil at the bottom of the truck’s body, and apply a lighter green paint. Apply this paint all around the lower part of the body, and then allow it to dry.

  • 6

    By using leaf stencils, apply red and orange paint over the body of your truck. Spray orange inside the leaves stencil while apply red at the edges of the leaves. It will give a more real look.

  • 7

    Now apply brown and gray paint by using thicket stencils. Apply it all around the body, and mix it up a little bit to give out a versatile look.

  • 8

    After your final paint coat has also dried, apply at least two to three coats of clear to protect the camouflage paint on your truck.

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