How to Plow With a Ford Jubilee

For company has been extremely successful in manufacturing luxury cars and other automobiles throughout decades. Ford collaborated with Ferguson tractor manufacturing company to produce the Ford 9n tractor and a 3-point hitch was attached to it for plowing purpose. There were many legal combats between the two companies. However, Ford launched its Jubilee tractor years later and a snow plow can be hooked to the front or at the back to the 3-point hitch. You can use the Ford’s Jubilee for snow plowing purpose very effectively and all you need to do is follow some simple steps.


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    You can use the 3-point hitch control lever present in the tractor to raise or lower the mounted snow plow at the rear side. While plowing, you need to adjust the angle of the blades in such a way that snow exits them easily to one side or the other.

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    Then you have to adjust the height of the front-mounted loader blade. There are two remote plug-in controls available and you have to use one of them. First mount the loader onto the tractor and then plug in its two hydraulic line sets before proceeding any further. These two hydraulic line sets dictate the movement of the loader blades. One set will be responsible for tilting the blade, while the other one is used for lifting.

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    Once you have installed the loader to the tractor, the loader hydraulics plug in and the tractor’s remote hydraulics are connected. Now you can use the tractor’s control levers for operating the loader movements. The loader blade doesn’t rotate and it can only be used to plow off the snow to the sides.

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    You better prepare yourself before starting the plowing process. Wear warm clothes to cover yourself completely. Do wear non-foggy goggles to protect your eyes from cold wind and blowing snow while performing your task. Extremely cold weather can result in frost bites on exposed skin.

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    You can hook chains around the wheels of your tractor to avoid skidding on the snow. Use bungee straps to pull the chain sides together from the inside and out. It is advised to drive your truck slowly on the snowy surface.

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    You should plow the snow in a manner that snow banks or piles do not block the ways of entering and exiting the highway. This can be hazardous for others.

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